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Limited internal storage has been one of the biggest limitations of a smartphone, especially when the size of apps are increasing with each new update released to tune your mobile app with the progressive mobile app development space. Although mobile app development companies have devised techniques to lower the overall app size, nothing comes close to Web Apps in providing a permanent solution. A product of HTML5 multiplatform application development, Web Apps in fact take up no internal space as they launch in your smartphone’s web browser and leave as soon as you close the browser. Only a small amount of browser cache is generated as you use these kind of apps.

FuGenX – the leading HTML5 application development company Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Ajman – has a vast team of experienced professionals in web apps/HTML5 apps development. We beat the challenges and technicalities of bringing the native feel to Web Apps, so that the app can retain users just like a native app would do. In terms of UX and UI, the Web or HTML5 apps developed by our team makes sure that the app connects with the users on every level, in a very comprehensive way.

If you have an web App idea, share it with us. Our team will work with you to convert your idea into reality. Call us or send an email, our representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

Expertise Level

  • Android

    Java, Android SDK, Eclipse

  • iOS

    Cocoa Touch, Xcode, Objec C/Swift

  • Windows

    Windows SDK, C#

  • BlackBerry

    BlackBerry SDK, C++

  • Admin & Backend

    JAVA, Node JS, My SQL

Light, Ultra-fast Web Apps.

Web apps require lesser and less complex coding with languages like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript etc., which means the resources required to build a web app are quite low. On the other hand, the functional capabilities and user experience of Web Apps come pretty close to native apps, minus the huge amount of internal storage the native apps eat out of your internal storage. Web Apps are quite in demand these days because of a large number of phones, with outdated internal storage capacities, unable to fit-in more essential apps.

We, being the best web apps development services provider in Dubai, adhere to the elementary purpose of web apps i.e great interface, blazing fast performance and no effect on internal storage whatsoever.


Why our HTML5 Application Development services?:

  • Fully optimized for all Android devices
  • Exceptional UI and UX design
  • Thorough testing
  • Premium Native Apps
  • Simple coding languages like HTML5, CSS, Javascript
  • Easy third party API integrations
  • Agile Methodology of project management
  • 24×7 active servers
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