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Html5 application development company Dubai stands out to be unique in the application development market with an aim of offering its users a fast, responsive, secure, beautiful, mesmerizing experience through their products and services over multiple platforms. Our company adapts its culture, procedure and techniques to the revolutionary advancements happening worldwide in html5 application development and thus provides proven solutions with quality products which are intended to outperform.

Expertise Level

  • Android

    Java, Android SDK, Eclipse

  • iOS

    Cocoa Touch, Xcode, Objec C/Swift

  • Windows

    Windows SDK, C#

  • BlackBerry

    BlackBerry SDK, C++

  • Admin & Backend

    JAVA, Node JS, My SQL

Benefits of obtaining html5 application development services are.

• Cross platform compatibility with flawless integration.
• Considerable reduction in time and money, usage of same code with less changes and same codes for various mobile platforms.
• Better 2D and 3D effects in presentations.
• Css3 and jQuery offers an awesome feature enabling users to work on number of layout and styling options.
• Improves performance with huge amount of data storage capacity on both device and server.


What We do?


Html5 application Development Company in Dubai includes sound programmers and technical team intended to cater the customer requirement at its best. We make use of html5, css3 and JavaScript to develop services to various platforms where customer issues are sorted under one roof. Html5 multiplatform application development is faster and solutions get less expensive for porting applications from iPhone to android, webOS, Symbian, windows phone7 and BlackBerry plus also for web applications for Google chrome and Firefox is developed simultaneously. With html5 we provide services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, and Ajman

Html5 drastically simplifies web development process. Whether it’s a matter of creating media-rich application, mobile applications for service devices or a desktop application that interacts with web immensely. We provide support and services on offline support for database, canvas and video support for creating an easy platform for easy addition of graphics, geo-location API for specifications, and finally advanced forms with faster browsing experience and very less downloading issues.

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