Now, security is being stronger than ever before, because biometric fingerprint is replacing the smart cards. The biometric payment card is a credit or debit card that uses the account holder’s fingerprint to verify the transaction made by that person. Biometric cards provide more security than traditional cards through its special features. Various user’s data will be stored in that card, that data includes the template of the holder’s fingerprint, the personal account details, and authentication and confirm matching engine. If account holders lost their cards, their card data will be safe, so the third party will not get access to information.

In this technological world, there is no doubt that all are doing a digital transaction, for all digital transaction the main key is smart card details, so keeping that details in a safe manner is important. And almost cash payments are starting to phase out because of more digital transactions. However, this smart card is being threatened soon so replacing them with biometric fingerprints provide security. In biometrics, not only fingerprints are considered, but also it considers some body parts, such as eye, face, a voice for verifying the person’s identity, therefore biometric provides better assurance of security.

Biometrics have entered into the mobile world

Biometrics have begun to dominate the mobile world. Now 60% biometric fingerprint is used in all smartphones like Android and iPhones. Most of the smartphone use a biometric fingerprint to unlock the screen, this replaces passwords and PIN. This keeps your data and mobile apps used in the mobile safe. Users are already known about these benefits and it brings more value to securing authentication.

Example: AppLock – Fingerprint is one of the most advanced apps in the app development companies for using fingerprint phone lock. It has developed with advanced app protector features that will allow to lock and protect apps using a password, PIN or fingerprint.

AI will make biometrics more feasible in the defense departments and other government agencies. Are you thinking about trouble causing by biometric batteries if they dead, how to use cards in that situation Don’t get worried about that because biometric cards are using sensors powered by the energy from the terminals. These cards can also use the existing terminals that are designed for traditional smart cards. One of the most important advantages is that a biometric payment card issued by a bank of a country can be used for safe payments in some other countries also.

Benefits of Biometric cards

While providing PIN and password for an account, it requires a signature of that holder, but it is difficult for some people who are illiterates. This PIN and passwords contain a more different set of numeral this numerals are very difficult to remember but biometric cards overcome these problems.

One of the amazing advantages of a biometric card is that they are incredibly easy to use for all like a bank, retailers, and consumers. It is more beneficial for banking industries because it allows banks to improve their status with this impressive technology, in another way it helps to attract new customers and retain potential existing customers by providing new positive financial experience. This card is also a cost-effective one because there is no need to upgrade POS terminals which are done for traditional smart cards.

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ERP Software

Big businesses make big profits, but then that comes at a cost. On the outside, an established enterprise may look self-sustained but in reality, most of the successful businesses are bound together with a tool that brings different departments and components of a business, together, and integrates them to facilitate maximum efficiency. Yes, we are talking about an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that empowers most of the enterprises in present times. A product of the latest app development techniques, enterprise software like SAP Business allows small businesses to manage their operations.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have been helping businesses to accomplish their goals and objectives for a number of years. In the present day, ERP software market is probably one of the most stable markets in the world owing to the fact that irrespective of the type and place, every established enterprise would need an ERP system to coordinate its operations to bring out as much productivity as possible. Evidently, according to Statista, ERP market graph from 2015 to 2018 shows a very steady growth per year, ranging from $82.12 billion to $83.25 billion. Mobile application development companies also play a major role in providing a complete ERP kit, which also contains an ERP client mobile app.

So if you are everywhere to comprehend when it comes to managing a business, ERP is what you need, and here are some concrete reasons for why you should adopt it:


If you have been researching a lot about ERP software, your eyes must have stoned by now reading about how ERP is a good way to integrate different departments of your business. So let’s give you a brief view of how that works. Let’s consider 4 departments in your business name, finance, production, storage, and supply chain. And there are four separate windows for ERP operator in each department. Now whatever raw material would be sent to production floor for manufacturing, will automatically be updated to the operator of the supply chain notifying the scarcity created in the storage, by moving the raw material to the production floor. At the same time, the finance department would be updated for buying more raw material in order to restore the raw material inventory back to the original state.

So, basically, a single change in the entire ERP system is notified and updated to all the departments, integrating them under the umbrella of a single system. And by the courtesy of mobile app development, this integrity can now be utilized through a mobile client as well.


Comprehending the size of each component of your business is crucial if you are planning to scale up your business. For that purpose, an ERP software can help you straighten out the confusion. With an ERP interface, you can find exact information on the incoming and outgoing of your business, through which you can estimate how much you have to scale up your business. Besides, with a growing customer base, your enterprise software would need to have a bigger database, bigger data storage capacity, and a powerful accounting software. And in this case, if you are actually aiming to scale up your operations, ERP is not a choice.

Streamline your Operations

In order to increase productivity, most of the businesses look forward to streamlining their processes, and that is where an ERP software steps in. As synchronization is a requirement to establish a better order in an organization, ERP software does exactly that and helps you in creating plans with real-time information and feedback. In addition to that, ERP software reduces human error like an omission, double entries etc., and provide the operator with a map to guide them through complex processes.


At the very beginning of its setup, an ERP software can be fed with legal compliances, which have to be followed by an organization without fail. While it isn’t possible for operators to keep a track of all such directions, whereas the ERP software can make sure the operator is conforming to the law and legal aspects.


By streamlining your business processes, operations, ERP can save you a lot of money to be used for other purposes. Besides, if we talk about Return on Investment (ROI), the costs you save are way more, proportionally, when compared to the one-time payment you make for an ERP software and mobile client.

ERP software is being used by almost every firm in the world which aspires to scale up in future or at least, is established. More than an option, in the past few years, ERP software has become a necessity for streamlining operations and increasing productivity, to survive the grueling competition in the market.

Have a planning to develop an enterprise resource mobile app for your business?

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We always keep hearing that robots or machines will replace human, and our workplaces will change dramatically. The fundamental truth is that it will, and we have an opportunity to start planning for that, but, like anything else, it’s unclear exactly when the tipping point will be.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most trending topics in today’s date. It is the way of enabling a computer software to think intelligently in a manner similar to that of humans. In technical terms, it is an integrated solution of Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Multi-agent Systems, and fast & reliable computation.

The current trends in financial institutions are increasingly using AI and Machine Learning to assess credit quality, price and market insurance contracts and automate client interactions in a wide range of applications across the financial sector. Financial services increase their profit by contacting app development company to develop their own app including with AI and Machine Learning techniques. Both public and private sectors may use these AI and Machine Learning technologies for regulatory compliance, surveillance, data quality assessment, and fraud detection.

AI and Machine Learning in Financial Services:

Let’s go back to the user experience you had the last time you were at the bank. Or maybe that conversation you had with that Chatbot that wasn’t so smart and was just too naïve to be involved in a conversation with. These are the pain areas where artificial intelligence may play a significant role. Not only that, on-call support in banks is another channel that can be optimized with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to forge a better, consolidated query system to resolve queries regarding balance enquiries, funds transfer, loan enquiry and more.

The current applications of AI are limited to an elementary level, but with the current growth rate in AI technologies, we would be able to handle advanced queries and functions in the banks. There are certain operations in banks such as opening an account, KYC registration, processing a loan, and resolving complex complaints etc., that demand more than just interfacial customer information. In order to automate these operations, more advanced versions of AI applications are under R&D and will arrive soon. Once acquired, these applications will be able to offer 24×7 customer care unlike existing customer care systems that either have time deadlines or need twice or thrice as much as the existing number of executives to work in shifts. In this regard, AI can empower an organization to cut costs by removing the excess support executives.

Another one among the applications of Artificial Intelligence is Voice Recognition. AI integration will allow us to stay authenticated during the verbal conversations in real-time, ensuring unbeatable security the whole time, and this happens with such transparency that it leaves no scope of leaks and frauds at all. And this would make it possible for AI and Machine Learning technology to drive an even deeper and more fundamental shift in banking.

We can see that AI will bring together a number of services like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Analytics and more. Companies are already making extensive use of Machine Learning to drive efficient business processes.

If we look at the top players in the field of AI, we will find that enterprises like Google, Tesla, Amazon etc., have already played a hand in the same, and have developed services that are already greasing up our schedules in ways uncountable. Some of the digital developments, which can readily be used in the financial sector, that these enterprises have pioneered at are:

  • Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition for queries
  • Image Recognition for Biometric Identification
  • M2M Integration to create a seamless flow of information in the system.
  • Internet of Things integration to anticipate risks in all formats

And many other ways, which when brought together could knit a tight-packed digital infrastructure for Banking & Finance sector.

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In the present scenario, mobile app development is one of the tremendously growing technologies. For so many years business uses mobile apps as a key success factor. Various industries use this for improving their brand awareness, increasing sales and services and building relationship with clients.

Business persons always face some difficulties, whether to outsource the app development or to develop within the organization. Outsourcing the business gives numerous advantages like saving money and other resources, as well as help in spending more time in marketing efforts and the pre-launch event.

To get the benefit from outsourcing go through the below points:

Have a detailed idea about the app you want

Before you begin searching for specialists to deal with the application development, you should have a detailed idea of the final result you need. Some of the things you should focus on the end product, those are:

  • You should have a detailed outline of the services or product with the objectives of the app and target audience.
  • Make a list of features of an app that developer should include.
  • Make sure about the type of services you want like UI/UX design, IoT app development, AI and machine learning.
  • It is necessary to add additional custom products like promo website and web admin panel.
  • Duration for the app development and suitable budget.

Find the expertise developers

After getting the detailed idea about the app, the next step is finding the experienced and expertise Android app developers or any platform. Do not take pressure for searching the developer because you are choosing the outsourcing option. The development team should know well about the technology which you want to adopt in your app and have the ability to handle complex problems which comes under developing so that you should analyze their portfolio to understand their work and read reviews about developers. Another important thing is they have to feel comfortable working with your business environment and reach your working style.

The reputation of the company

Another enormous factor to be considered is the loyalty of the company which you choose for outsourcing. Their standards in quality, business, and proficiency skills are most important. So you may get surprised what does it need to do with the product/service, it essentially has everything with the product/service. You are believing in your plan of action and task with the organization, subsequently, they need to gain the trust. So the main task is how to find that? You can’t simply depend on a review of the company alone. Directly contacting that company and discussing your requirement gives a better idea.

Cost of outsourcing app development

The app development cost parameters are not constant, it varies depending upon technology, industries, organization standards and moreover. Choosing low cost developing team is different from the cost efficiency developing team. Some company offers you low cost as per hour, but at the final stage, you might have spent more amount than an expert developer demand.  So a method of development plays a major role. It is encouraged to select in for a cascade technique at the first stage with the goal that you can follow the working procedures of the organization. When you get enough trust in the development team, at that point you can move to an agile technique for improvement.

Outsourcing a mobile app development may not be easy. However, it is possible to find a right developer who will reach your expectation with minimal effort. Just spend your time and identify the ideal candidate for the job to make sure that everything goes well without too many complications.

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Big Data

Every business organization, whether it is small or big, needs valuable data insights. With regards to understanding your target audience and customers’ preferences, Big Data plays a very important role. It even causes you to foresee their necessities. The correct data should be viably presented and appropriately analyzed. It can help a business organization accomplish different goals.

However, controlling the Big Data industry is not as simple as it may appear. The utilization of its employs millions of people.  Simply consider the data scientists themselves. Ten years ago that job title didn’t even exist and today, it is a standout amongst the most sought-after skill sets. Additionally, Big Data empowers businesses to offer more products, which also keeps more people in employment.

Big Data- A New Competitive Advantage

Big Data and Analytics have changed the way of market techniques and cleared altogether new paths for the development and profit of the businesses. The Big Data analysis is the most recent advanced innovation that has achieved even amazing assignments progressively. By the end of 2020, the Big Data volume is going to reach 44 trillion gigabytes, breaking down all the past trends and setting another business world.

Utilizing Big Data has been significant for many foremost companies to outflank the competition. In numerous business, new entrants and established competitors use data-driven strategies to contend, catch and advance. In fact, you can find examples, of Big Data, use in relatively every area, from healthcare to IT.

Big Data can prompt a superior analysis of the trails, and help predict results. Some other early adopters of the idea have been utilizing data from the sensors embedded in various product range includes a wide range of industrial goods to children’s toys.  This enables the organizations to determine how products are used in reality. With such information, it becomes very easier to design future products and make new services. As indicated by specialists, Big Data can make a great deal of new growth opportunities. It can even offer ascent to a new category of businesses, for example, the ones that analyze and total industry data. Most of these companies will sit in the middle of huge data streams about products and services, customer goal and inclinations, buyers and suppliers, and more. Mobile application development companies across industries should start building their Big Data capabilities forcefully.

Customer Data that can boost your business

Big Data is the best way compared to other approaches to collect and use feedback. It helps you understand how customers perceive your products and services.

You have generally had your customer’s account histories, however now you can pull data from the social web and searches online. This makes it simple to discover patterns identified with the payment history and purchase history. For example, look at the falloff of one product and the rise of another to gain understanding into a customer’s choice to stop a service. This can enable you to choose whether your sales force puts more exertion into the best-seller, or on the off chance that you should package it with new services and products.

By using Analytics data and social, you can get a conclusion online regarding your product and brand. Customers discussions about your products, the customer service, the estimating and the organization esteem in forums, social networks, ratings, reviews and more.

Data Safety

From a security point of view, there are two unmistakable issues: securing the organization and its customer’s information in a Big Data context, and using Big Data techniques to analyze, and even predict security incidents.

Big Data tools enable you to delineate the whole data landscape over the organization. This allows you to analyze a wide range of internal threats.   The sensitive information can be kept safe using this information. It’s ensured in a suitable way and stored according to regulatory requirements.  Most industries have been concentrating on Big Data to ensure data safety and protection. It is even more important in organizations that deal with credit and debit card information, financial information, and other such practices.

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Innovations in technology and progress in the digital world have provided new chances for companies to attract new customers and retain potential customers. There is a huge difference between mass personalization and true individualization: maximum you can satisfy the target audience with a mobile app which has useful features. Machine learning acts as a bridge for individualization of understanding humans, assist them in their task and also give entertainment to them.

In the global level, machine learning helps mobile platforms to become more user-friendly by improving customer experience, customer loyalty and developing consistent multichannel experience.

In this article, I wrote beneficial cases of machine learning in your mobile app development.

Let’s look at how machine learning helps with your business through the mobile app:

Personalized experience

Using machine learning, you can get benefit from the continual learning process. Algorithms of machine learning analyze information gathered from various sources like social media activities to provide ratings and pop-up recommendations to customers’ mobile.

Machine learning helps to make different groups of audience based on their interest and customer information then it decides the look of the app. Machine learning helps you to know about your customers, their needs and afford, what pain points they have and feedback about your app. Based on collecting information you can make marketing strategies to reach different target groups.

Advanced search

Machine learning helps to optimize search in the app, provide the best and more relevant results and make searching more interesting and solve the problems of searching. Machine learning algorithms are also learning from customers’ opinion and provide the result, according to them, this helps to reach a particular person.

Through the search history and some typical actions, you can collect behavioral data from your customers and shows the best relevant search results. And your app development company build the app with new technologies like voice search and spelling correction that helps more customers for searching.

Relevant Ads

Displaying ads to the customer is not a big deal, but showing relevant ads to the right customers is important. As digital marketing becomes more personalized, this machine learning technology helps to display advertisements to target customers and dispatching personalized messages to customers more accurately.

With advanced technology, you can find out customers like they have already purchased and don’t need that product/service in the future. It also helps to predict customer reactions about your promotion so you can show specific ads to customers who are more interested in that product/service. This really helps to save your money and time.

Improved security

Machine learning not only acts as an effective marketing tool but also helps to secure app authentication. Customer authentication is important so that video, audio, and voice recognition makes it possible for customers to authenticate using their biometric data such as face or fingerprint.

Beyond secure login there are many applications of the machine, learning about the security like you can count ongoing app monitoring, machine learning detects suspicious activities and bans those users of the app. It also protects your customers from unidentified malware attacks in real time.


By adopting machine learning technology, you can get success in the business because it works more efficiently and engages users with intelligent requests handling and also empowers your mobile app.

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Growth Hacks

Starting a business is one huge step for anyone. Some people would pour just about everything they have accumulated all their life into their startup, only to find growing a business the usual way in its initial stage is a big mess. The conventional ways, like mobile app development, core focus on website etc., though bring up organic leads; they take time and demand nothing less than expertise. Just as some realize it is going to be a rough ride, they choose to give up on what they started. But did they really have to? We would say ‘Not’, because you can actually hack growth in your favour with ‘Growth Hacks’.

Simply put, growth hacks are no fixed tools, rather techniques that keep changing with time due to changing trends in business marketing and sales. When it comes to growth hacks, what works today, may not have worked yesterday or might not work tomorrow, because it is the customers that you sell to, and growth hacks do change according to the changing interests of people. The core motive of implementing growth hack techniques in your business is to gather leads, organic or inorganic, in lesser time compared to conventional approaches.

So here is a list of few must-try growth hacks you need to try to build a strong customer base for your business and get quick recognition:

Like Exchange Groups on Facebook

Explaining the role of social media in building a reputation in the market would be too naive. Assuming that you do have a little know-how of social media, you know what an important tool it is to get instant recognition, and if fate is in your favor, you could even go viral in no time. But then to get noticed on Facebook, having a legitimate number of followers on your page is important in order to introduce your business or business-related posts at a basic level. Also, once your page has enough number of followers, you can link your blog or website posts and pages, directly to your Facebook page. And to follow up with all this, you need to join Like Exchange groups on Facebook, which are basically just communities with a large number of followers ready to follow your page, and in return, they expect you to like their page. In order to get a huge number of likes, all you have to do is join these groups, and appeal for likes through a post. Don’t forget to mention your page address on Facebook. However, since this technique is purely based on the exchange of likes, most numbers of followers you gather from here are inorganic.

Lead Ads

This may not be a very quick way, but it does get the purpose served i.e boosting your business with organic leads. Organic leads are prospective customers that are likely to be converted into customers in the future. Using lead ads has eased up and quickened the process of lead data generation. Leads Ads are new types of advertisements featured by Facebook that automatically fill the lead generation form for a lead or a prospective customer, using their data available on Facebook, with their permission. One can also fill a Lead Ads form on a smartphone, made possible by courtesy of mobile app development companies, through Facebook app. Unlike conventional ads, Lead Ads are quicker and gather a way larger number of leads in relatively shorter time, as the need for manually filling the form is eliminated in case of Lead Ads. The data generated through Lead Ads is sent directly to the CRM system of your business’ Facebook page, from where it can be downloaded and utilized.

Forum Marketing

Think you have the required expertise, and your business can solve the core problems customers are talking about in the forum? Forum marketing is not a new thing, and it has been a long-standing growth hack technique in the digital space. Forums are a great place to engage directly with your customers. Find a suitable forum thread, engage in chats that correspond to your business, and show off your expertise in that particular space. Try to come up with a solution, nail your sales pitch right there, leave a link for your business website, and let customers come looking for you.

Guest Blogs

To build brand reputation and credibility across the internet, it is important to have quality content in your name or one that corresponds directly to your website. It is also called Backlinking, which is one of the SEO techniques that vouch for the authority you have in your niche and your grip on a particular topic. But then make sure you provide quality content in each and every article/write-up of yours that gets published on a guest website. Avoid plagiarism or content spinning in order to build authentic links preferred by Google for ranking your business. Also, write and send articles to only to guest websites that share the niche similar to what your business is based on. For example – if your business delivers artificial intelligence services, your guest website should be related to artificial intelligence or allied topics such as the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc.

Growth hack techniques are important to be implemented in the initial stage of your business to generate the much-required customer base. Once you gather the required minimum number of followers/customers for your business, from that point onwards, the growth of your business is like a chain reaction. In other words, a huge customer base attracts more customers. However, at a certain point; quality, what you deliver, and how you deliver comes into play, beyond which, the potential in your business is what matters.

Are you thinking of how AI can improve mobile technology security? Yes, AI has its application in all fields like travel, utility, advertisement, machinery, telecom industry, healthcare industry. AI creates a huge impact on the interaction between human and machines.

Of course, AI is a smart technology beyond this, it adds a boost to existing and emerging technologies, especially in telecom and media industry and AI makes decision making faster in the business so it helps to many firms like mobile app development and more. AI influenced new technologies like virtual assistance, self-driving cars, chatbots etc.

The main reason of mobile technology giving more importance to AI is a sudden increase of data in the firms as you know that the mobile industry has the information is all about the apps, cloud, IoT, website data and more, handling that much data in a safe manner are the biggest headache for that firm. AI is helping to protect the ever-increasing data so adding AI technologies in mobile technology security will be the right decision.

Here, how AI improves the mobile technology security is described:

Strong Application Authentication

Usage of the mobile app along with the emerging technologies will lead to the need for data security with an advanced level of security. For this reason, security is the first priority given by every mobile app developer while developing an app. An AI created a high level of user-friendly environment by alerting users about future threats may happen to their app by analyzing history and user behavior. This prediction of the future threats helps to make stronger users bonding.

Personalized app security

Now a day’s almost all mobile app development companies are implementing AI technologies to develop mobile apps because AI provides location-based searches to users that add more value to their business.

To provide a unique result to users AI compares data of user’s, purchase history for collecting information from data like online traffic, mobile device, etc. AI uses many applications to get personalized results while users searching for something and it will help in showing recommendations by analyzing user’s behavior that will save their time for searching.

Empowering search experience

AI introduced new technologies for searching methods like users can search via images, voice, unlike text mode. There will be necessary for developers to develop an image recognition system and voice recognition system for all mobile applications. Also, AI helps to enhance the conversation rate of the app by providing app localization.

App Marketing

Marketing becomes the toughest job in current days because as grow in technologies, competition is raising, reaching that technology to users is also high. AI-powered apps and devices and it helps to maintain every customer information by gathering and removing maximum errors occurring at the time of purchasing otherwise marketing will be a tough task to do.

Many companies may adopt AI technologies for their marketing strategies. AI will improve the business to make better marketing plans.

As there is progress in the growth of AI, there is a clear idea about the benefits of using AI in mobile app development. AI will collect, store and analyze real-time data of a mobile application. AI acts as a ladder, thus even small-medium business are taking benefits of AI to grow their business and to increase their ROI. So if you have a business that is small or large size, it is not a matter, getting success will be the main goal.

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advantages of Cloud StorageIt is funny how technology has changed shape in the past few decades and how there is a big difference between how different technologies have adapted to the changing size factor. We have seen TVs going bigger, printers going smaller, and there are numerous such examples. Something similar can be seen in the case of storages where today, we don’t even need a hard drive. And thanks to the mobile app developers of the 21st century, who have partially eliminated the need for hard drives from phones as well. Today, we have cloud technologies that store our data in virtual drives, also called Cloud Storages.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is a service model provided by Cloud Service Providers that use Data Virtualization Centre to enable its subscribers to remotely access data with the help of internet. The management of cloud server, data infrastructure, service delivery is taken care of by the cloud service provider itself. The role of a cloud storage service is not limited to just storing data, as it is used for many other purposes in the digital space. It is also used for delivering on-demand data to end-users with the help of a virtual delivery architecture operated a web-based API. Cloud Storage was originally created for big-data and storing piles of data for enterprises and industries; but since past few years, cloud storages have started focusing on providing storage services, also known as utility storages, for the general public as well. Some of the major technology giants, who also stand amongst top mobile app development companies, have built cloud storage apps that are quite popular among general users, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and more.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

Companies with a larger size always use cloud storage to evade managing huge chunks of data and the hassles of managing it. And the ones with a smaller start have started using the cloud for multiple reasons. So what is it that is compelling everyone out there, general public and company, to start using these services? Here is why:


For companies, data accessibility is quite an important factor that determines overall productivity. Cloud storages today, despite storing data quite far from the origin, are capable of sending over data as soon as it is demanded, with the help of advanced bandwidth options that exist. From a general user’s perspective, most of the cloud storage companies provide mobile app solutions and local folder for the desktop, which has drag-n-drop utility for uploading and downloading data.


What makes cloud storage services suitable for all kinds of purposes is that it is scalable, which means irrespective of the size of operation, cloud infrastructure can always be modified to fit the need. This is possible because, for the virtualized space, this would merely mean the addition of another node or nodes to the storage environment. So, in a way, scalability in cloud storage has no limits; though the cost of maintenance for a single virtualized data center is one of the challenges in cloud storage industries.


Before cloud services hit the shelves, most of the companies with data in huge quantities had to carry the burden of data storage management systems as well. But at present, most of the companies have adopted cloud storages to keep away the headache of managing and storing that data. Especially for smaller companies, the ROI gained from using cloud storage in the long run is quite high.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud storages have better provisions to recover data in case of a system failure, which makes them much more reliable for storing data. Most of the cloud storage services include a disaster recovery plan in the package, which is capable of restoring data from secondary or backup infrastructure to on-premises infrastructure. Although it is a long process, the best cloud storage solutions can recover the data with high accuracy, unlike conventional data storage and management systems instilled at the origin.

Cloud storage companies are gradually redefining the way we store data. From the point of view of a generic user, uploading data to secure clouds to save hard drive storage with the help of mobile apps created by top app development companies is quite an option, especially when being offered with a simple drag-n-drop interface. Enterprises, specifically for whom the cloud was invented, are already gaining a lot in terms of speed, reliability, and data recovery.

GPS tracking systems are very useful in daily life like tracking your orders, cabs. Parents are very happy about using tracking systems to their children’s school buses, now there is no tension for them when buses reach late to the location. The main agenda of adding tracking system in school buses is the safety of students and reducing parents’ tension. These mobile apps help not only in tracking but also track the daily activities of children. The school management team also tracks the child activities, also teacher and parents can communicate with each other through this app.

Benefits of school bus tracking apps are mentioned here:

  • Easy for parents to know the traveling details of children at any time, Instant updates about on and off of the school bus can also be availed.
  • School management team is able to know the students’ location through radio frequency identification tags.
  • School authorities and parents are able to know whether the school bus is running at moderate speed or not. And the way of the driver driving the bus.
  • Able to observe how much time the driver spent on every location. If the driver spent more time than the allocated time both authorities and parents get notified about it.
  • Parents can easily come to know about the performance of their child in the school without contacting the teachers so that their time can also be saved.

For working parents, these parent app will be helpful to know about the performance of their child in school because they have a busy schedule and are not able to check directly with the teachers. Instead of allotting a third person, the app will better check their child daily performance in school.

The school bus monitoring system can help school authority for monitoring and managing school bus timings and can get the regular updates of students in the school bus by radio frequency identification tags. Compared to manual recording, these systems help to calculate the working hours and activity of each trip on the bus easily and quickly. And the main advantage for school authorities is Global Positioning System (GPS) is a cost-effective method.

In today’s world, several unexpected hazards are happening in school bus due to the carelessness of drivers and many reasons, so that this is the first priority for safety measures about the children.

Dubai people must be aware of this: Dubai launches a new app to keep children safe on the journey to school.

Yes, Dubai transport authority has launched a new smart app called DTC School Bus to enable Dubai parents to track their child’s school bus when they are going and coming from school. Notifications about the children board or land timings from buses between school and home will be sent via the GPS satellite system.

Safety of students is a part of plans to provide smarter and larger school transport service for this academic year 2018-2019.

Other interesting technologies added in Dubai School buses are these bus fleet include an engine switch off button and now that button is located at the rear end of the bus behind the seats. So that driver needs to walk up to the end of the bus to stop the engine, ensuring that no student is left behind on the bus before the doors are locked.

Dubai RTA’s Public Transport Agency is inspecting the school bus services and servicing operators to verify their compliance with rules, licensing of drivers and supervisors to practice the service.

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