top digital wallets available in the UAE

After launching Google pay, UAE consumers are getting confused to choose the right digital wallet for their smartphone because there are wide varieties of digital wallets available. Are you one of them, then go through this article to get clear on choosing of the digital wallet.

First, we have to know, what is a digital wallet?

The digital wallet is the online service that allows doing digital transactions. This includes securely paying bills, retailers, transfer the amount to your friends and families using only their mobile phone within no time.

Here is the list of top digital wallets available in the UAE:

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the payment system put together by Apple. It works on iOS and Mac devices as well as in the Safari web browsers. Apple pay app requires you to add credit card details and requires bank verification to made easy transactions.

Even if it requires your credit card details, it doesn’t store credit card data for further use. Instead of storing, it uses a token in a device-specific code which differs for every device. This app provides additional security by using a passcode, facial recognition, or a fingerprint scan for verification during each transaction.

Keep in mind that, Apple Pay has an option to send money to other people but currently this option is not available in UAE.

Google pay

Google Pay is also known as G Pay. American tech giant Google has launched its Google Pay payment service app with the development of this app by the best app development companies, this is the digital wallet platform and online payment system. It works similar to Apple Pay app but this app can be used by every person because Apple Pay is available for only Apple devices and G Pay app available for both iOS and Android devices.

Google pay makes the shopping experience easy by making payments through apps or websites and in all stores via Near Field Communication (NFC). In this transaction is made through virtual card number, i.e., token, this token number is always changing for each transaction because it is associated with the dynamic security codes.

Samsung Pay

South Korean electronics giant introduced this Samsung Pay app in UAE at April 2017. It works on a number of its devices like Apple Pay.

This app also works with contactless card readers, work similar to Google and Apple Pay app. The main advantage of using this app is card readers still rely on magnetic strips, this type of card readers are majorly available at retailers in UAE.


The beam is a very old digital wallet used in the market and starts its operation in UAE since 2012. Similar other wallets available in this country, Beam also allow users to earn cash back when they digitally paying for their products using this app in their phone.

Adding card details and security is as same as other digital wallets. But the only drawback of this app is the limited number of establishments can accept it, but it has petrol stations ENOC and EPPCO in its list of merchants that do accept.


WePay is a Chinese online payment service provider and is an emerging app for an international market. WePay Wallet is a part of WeChat. Earlier in this year, the company made an agreement with Dubai Tourism to introduce the service in Dubai. This app has a lot of options but all options are not available for UAE residents because the app ties your phone directly to a bank account in mainland China. This wallet accepts only foreign Visa and MasterCard credit cards but still, you can use it for making payments.

Still, there are a lot of other digital wallets are available in the market like Emirates Digital Wallet, EmiratesNBD Pay, Etisalat Wallet, and Alipay is a popular digital wallet from Alibaba.

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Google pay app is available in UAE

American tech giant Google has launched its Google Pay payment service in the UAE with the development of this app by the best app development companies. The Google pay app is available for iOS and Android 5.0 or higher to make their payment easier with Google security. This service is acting as a smartphone wallet to add Visa and MasterCard credit cards from partner banks. When transforming above AED 300 additional safety features are including that users need to enter their card pin code into the payment terminal.

Google pay makes the shopping experience easy by making payments through apps or websites and in all stores via Near Field Communication (NFC). This app is much safer than other payment systems because in this credit card number is neither stored on the mobile device nor in the system of the seller. In this transaction is made through virtual card number, i.e., token, this token number is always changing for each transaction because it is associated with the dynamic security codes.

In case if the phone is lost at any movement, no need to worry about deactivating the card because users can simply use the “Find my device” function to instantly lock their device from anywhere and change their password or erase their personal information.

To make a purchase in stores, users need to add their MasterCard or Visa cards to their app account from a leading banking group of UAE region. As contactless digital payment gets more popularity in UAE, there is a lot of support given by banks to make their customers’ payment system new, easy and accessible ways.

Visa is more applicable for having the connective tissue to enable new digital payment and commerce experiences, for example, Google Pay. After launching Google Pay, Visa is bringing all mobile payment options for merchants and enabling them to accept payments from consumers regardless of what device the consumer uses at payment terminals.

Emirate Islamic, Emirates NBD, Mashreq and Standard Chartered are local partner banks that support to add their MasterCard or Visa cards to their Google Pay account. RAKBANK is on its way to join this service soon.

According to the latest report, the mobile wallet market is predicted to hit $2.3 billion by 2022 in the UAE along with the growth in the smartphone market and internet penetration in this region. And some study added information about the mobile wallet market will grow at the rate of 24 percent in compound annual growth during 2017-22.

But Google Pay need to compete for more to stand top of all mobile wallets in UAE because already famous mobile wallets are running in the market such as Samsung Pay, Beam Wallet, PayPal, Etisalat Wallet, and Apple Pay. And many local banks are providing their own mobile wallet services like Mashreq Neo and RAKBank Mobile Banking app.

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EIBFS 2019 Annual Training Plan on Digital Transformation

EIBFS is a regional leader in banking and finance, education and training. The full form of EIBFS is Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies and is announcing its new annual training plan for 2019 with the updating smart technologies and adopting new digital transformation strategies using mobile apps developed be the best mobile app development companies.

EIBFS is going to conduct over 690 regular training and development programmes in the next coming year 2019 – These training programmes are 28 percent higher compared to 2018. By the recommendations and demands of the EIBFS Board of Directors, Advisory Board and banks in the UAE – Many numbers of new programmes will be going to introduce in 2019, majorly this programme will focus on Fintech and other digital technologies.

EIBFS Board took a decision on its latest meeting that their new training plan and platform will start from January 2019. The new plan includes 150 annual training programs and 120 e-learning courses. Training institutes are going to introduce many new platforms along with enhancing the existing ones with new features.

As part of the EIBFS Board command is to prepare banking professionals across the UAE for programmes. Total 690 programmes are planned to host in 2019. These 690 programmes are divided as courses to host by many campuses – Dubai campus will host 31 percent, the Sharjah campus will host 28 percent and the Abu Dhabi campus will host 25 percent courses. Fujairah, Ras AI Khaimah, and AI Ain will host the remaining 16 percent of the courses.

It is critical to adopt new technologies on any field so that digital transformation requires more than just offering a few courses on the latest trends, this means adopting a new approach to training and education in a digital way i.e., e-learning is critical. For this purpose the EIBFS 2019 Annual Training Plan involves the launch of four mobile learning apps, those are easily available on the App Store and in the Android App Bundle on Google Play. These apps help smartphone-savvy learners and supporting a seamless, scalable and interactive learning process.

The four mobile learning apps will include:

  • EIBFS Training: This app will help students to connect with each other in all time, it provides access to the EIBFS relevant information like about its training programs, submit applications for the programs and monitor their status.
  • EIBFS Education: The app will provide a detailed information on existing as well as upcoming training programs. And it keeps updating you on the latest developments through push notifications.
  • EIBFS Library: This is an information resource app will allow database searches for a wide range of subjects included in the training courses.
  • EIBFS Research: This app provides a complete knowledge of research strategies, details of how to get published in the Institute’s International Journal of Research in Banking and Finance, and this app also includes blogs written by industry experts and white papers, and students can get economic and industry reports.

EIBFS uses new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect various classrooms and online elements, including devices, projectors, screens, cameras, microphones, lecture capture systems and learning management systems. Blockchain technology is used to enhance the security and accessibility of official documentation and will enable the issue and verification of academic certificates.

EIBFS focus on establishing national qualifications with the aim of providing learners with locally recognized credentials to support their professional development and create a transparent talent market.

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Public WiFi

Are you using public Wi-Fi? If your answer is “No” you will be safe. If you do use the public WiFi your data in the phone or laptop is in an insecure position. The public WiFi may contain some harmful element which will keep the secure data of the user at risk.

The WiFi which is freely available in publicly accessible spaces is the service provided by the government, community organizations and commercial businesses. Now you may get that am talking about the WiFi provided in public places like buses, airports, shopping centers, train stations, cafes, and public libraries.

You may have doubts that what kind of data from your device is under threat? The public WiFi will affect not only the current data on the device, but also it will affect the past data on the device.

Action should be taken to secure your data from a public WiFi

  • The best way to secure your data from public WiFi is to use a virtual private network (VPN). Traditionally available only for desktops and laptops, many VPN providers now produce mobile apps. If you connect without VPN, all your internet traffic is sent from your device through an encrypted tunnel to the provider’s endpoint. There is a software available on smartphones that will enable a VPN to start automatically when connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • If you are not using a VPN configured device, make sure that your connected website URL should be HTTPS and not HTTP. You also make sure the entire session remains encrypted while you are browsing. Some sites that will encrypt your login and then send you to an HTTP connection, which will put your data under a risk so browse those some sites that will provide you with the option of encrypting the whole session.
  • Hacker is setting up a public Wi-Fi hotspot of their own near the site of the public Wi-Fi which is provided by the government or some community with a similar name. If you are using the hacker’s network, that will enable them to monitor the traffic from your device. To avoid this, always make sure that the exact name of the hotspot provided by the community hosting it. Also, make sure you do not see two access points with the same name.
  • When connecting to the public WiFi hotspot, you need to turn off the file sharing option from the system preference or control panel. And avoid using a file transfer protocol or any other protocol to transfer data without VPN.
  • Install antivirus for your Android, iPad or any other device you’re using with a public hotspot. Activate the firewall on your device to prevent the malware function from an infected device that is using to share the hotspot with you.

If there is a case, you have only one option to use unsecured public WiFi hotspot, Understanding the risk and safety measures may protect you from hackers. These steps are easy and could save your data.

Hackers can hack your data from many ways, using public Wi-Fi is one of those ways. Some Cyber experts say selling old smartphones may take a big risk to you. Even if you erase all data, hackers can recover it by using special software.

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App usability and conversions rate

According to Smart Insights report app usability is increased by 90% of the time than using browsers in smartphones and more than 80% of mobile minutes in all markets being spent on apps. Now all are wanting real-time information and that should available in fingertips without spending more time, because of this reason, almost all businesses keep up to date themselves and create their business apps by consulting the best mobile app development companies and satisfy their customers by adopting current technologies in their businesses.

A word usability refers to how easy something to use, having better app usability are more beneficial to get promoted by customers itself. Users are more likely to recommend these apps to their family and friends and by using these apps, users are more likely to do purchase or make an enquiry.

Developing an effective app usability helps to retain your potential customers and attract new users and improves conversions. But achieving good conversion rate is not easy, so here I have put together some top tips to improve user experience so that it leads to important conversions.

The basic features

It is important to give more attention to the basic features of an app like screen, text, color, background and all. If users can’t see anything on the screen, then they simply go out of your app and there is a chance to uninstall it. Many users have their own eyesight problems so that an app developer should add all types of text size suits to all and elaborate fonts are hard to read and text, like squeezed together in a small box, are very difficult to read. These types of text fonts may be the reasons to lose some users because they feel difficult to find what is on the screen. And also be sure about choosing the color of the text and background color.

Make it more convenient to use

After adding great app usability features, users make use your app so you need to improve your app speed and make it more convenient. As I mentioned above, people want information more quickly and should available in the fingertips. Example: if a user wants to enter numbers then that app should automatically change keyboard into the keypad and if the user wants to open contact list, the app should have the option to open their contact list quickly.

One more important thing is increasing speed, this also has a huge impact. Reducing loading speed and high-speed internet which helps to make them happy.

Provide choice to make their decision

Ensure that you provide a choice to perform an action or option to choose a user’s wish. The only point to get frustrating when using the app is, there is no option but to carry out the action or have to exit from the app. For example: If you are watching the video, advertising will come for a long time and no option to skip. In this situation, users may find some other apps which give less pain factors, then obviously effect on your business.

Focus on goal

Yes, it is very difficult to find the overall goal of the users for visiting your app. But you can analyze and try to add features or provide service to meet customer’s expectations. If you are running an e-commerce business, then your app should have the option to buy, return, cancel the order, exchange and more. If you provide only buy option it doesn’t give any sense, so the app should have all necessary services related to a business and display every service in equal measures for users to choose.

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Mobile apps

mobile apps for better Business Growth

Digital revolution affected businesses by means of Smartphone applications than some other sources. In particular, these apps have completely changed the way in which customers interact with businesses and brands.

Mobile applications can enable you to make things more proficient, which will eventually spare your money and time in the long run. Developing an app can upgrade the communication between employees and customers as well as customer necessary service features.

All we utilize Smartphone to services, bookings, place orders, and for different things. As a customer, we require everything at our fingertips.

The coming age of new applications, mobile phone, and smartphone on standard premise are a direct indication of this growth and development.

Importance of mobile app for a better growth of your business:

Keep your business a step ahead in the innovative period

In this technological era, to get the most extreme customer reach you need to be on a Smartphone. A Mobile app will help a business to get targeted customer in a better and convenient way. So benefit the help of technology and the mobile app development to upgrade your business and its profits.

Increase customer reach and engagement

A strong mobile app builds your customer base and their engagement with your business that helps to grow your ROI.

So, it is constantly advantageous to have a mobile app for your business with the end goal to get an ever-increasing number of customers and revenue.

Increase customer experience

We realize that at the present time no one has time to stay for a long to get anything. The mobile solution is always advantageous to give quick outcomes to customer necessities.

At the point when your customers get a quick reaction then it unquestionably builds their trust towards your service in this way expands customer loyalty, diminished deviations, increase income and higher employee satisfaction.

Promotes your business indirectly

To promote your business a mobile app is exceptionally beneficial in both the ways directly and indirectly. People who utilize social media, smartphones are the greatest way for communication to them. There are numerous advantages we get when we are more prominent via social media sites, so nobody can prevent the power of social media platforms. When a person finds interesting thing related to your business the people like and share it with their friends, family and other known. Along these lines, if the mobile app is user-friendly then it becomes very easy to promote your business. Get a mobile app from top mobile app Development Company to enhancement and promotion of your business by using that.

Get extraordinary ROI

There are various initial development costs, and additionally progressing security and maintenance costs that you may face to guarantee that your application stays fruitful. Because of this, many small businesses avoid the utilization of mobile apps and they feel fear from its development cost but is not excessively expensive if you about its advantages.

In any business, whatever you do, everything comes down to the result as sales and income. The effective mobile app can really help you to take your business to the next level. If you expect a good Return on Investment, don’t fear and gave a great app for your business.

Get customer reviews

To get great business results it is extremely essential that your customer should value your products and services offered by you. With the assistance of an app, the business can easily get an idea of customers thinking about their business by getting online ratings and reviews.

Customer loyalty

Retaining customers is an essential goal of any business and has turned out to be exceedingly challenging in this competitive world. One key technique for building for brand loyalty is to expand your customer’s engagement with the brand.

When successfully integrated with business operations, a mobile app can significantly add value to your services or product, resulting in a long-term relationship.

Developing a mobile application is a worthy investment for businesses as users of apps are more faithful to the brand contrasted with the people who simply visit the site from their mobile device. There are many mobile app development companies who have to provide user-friendly mobile app development solutions.

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Internet of things

There is no need to give more explanation about the growth of the Internet of Things at an exponential rate. All software networks are advancing their basic functions and going to update every day. This updating IoT trends are not only changing business operations, but also the effect on the way people live. IoT technology has gradually developed in recent years with the help of sensors, cloud and edge infrastructures, platforms, analytics, and more. Let’s take a look at IoT predictions for the upcoming years.

Growth across the Board

When you take a look around the IoT market, there will be billions of connectivity statistics we get. According to some studies within this year, around 3.6 billion devices are connected to the internet for daily task and also IoT is used in mobile app development companies (Android and iPhone) to develop advanced mobile apps, this means the total number of connected devices are more than that. Increase in use of the number of devices automatically effect on increase in data and traffic of connected internet. In 2019, there will be a bigger push for edge computing and 5G connectivity web highway to handle the increased number of devices.

More influence on manufacturing and healthcare industries

In many industries Intenet of Things act as a key driver of digital transformation, especially for the manufacturing industry. Sensors, RFID tags, and smart beacons are already started with IoT application for the next level of the industrial revolution. Many market analysts analyze that number of connected device for manufacturing industry will double for the next coming years. And the role of these connected devices is game changers for every part of the production process from development to supply chain management.

Almost 87% of the healthcare organizations are going to adopt the Internet of Things by 2019. Its application in the healthcare industry is huge and endless – maintaining electronic health records, managing sensitive data, personal healthcare management and more.

Market penetration of connected smart cars

There are more possibilities of Internet of Things used in the self-driving cars. Up to date, diagnostic information about the car is stored in the app, must be built by the best mobile app development companies that app is connected with many vehicles and this is also done by Internet of things . Other applications of Intenet of things are able to check tire pressure, oil level, fuel consumption and many other things about the car. An interesting application is IoT technology based vehicle has the ability to alert its owner if anything went wrong in the engine. Apart from diagnostic information and connected apps still more benefits are voice search, and current traffic information are a few other things that will change the way we drive. Internet of Things is going to change the way of experience in automobiles.

Increased Security at End Points

Now the IoT devices don’t have security measures. But by 2019, there will be increasing the security measures at an endpoint. Many manufacturing companies like Cisco, HPE, Dell and more are developing specific infrastructure to get more security. Many security solutions are working to provide better endpoint security, prevent data loss, give more information on network health and threat protection, and includes privileged user control.

I have mentioned only a few IoT predictions for 2019. There will likely be more advanced improvement may come. I personally can’t wait to see how the IoT continues to rule things up on industries everywhere.

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iPhone Mobile App Development Trends

Technology is changing with time, and we need to stay aware of its pace. The mobile app development scenario is evolving quickly. Consistently, every year new developments and changes happening and mobile app development companies investigate every possibility to coordinate the growing competition. The iPhone app development scenario is growing significantly every day with new technologies surfacing. It is obvious that the trends will change every enterprise and should update themselves accordingly.

Hence, it comes as an insightful move for every one of the iOS app developers to be aware of everything of the latest trends that they can hope to develop before the end of 2018. The below are the trends that are driving in 2018.

Apps with CoreML

Apple introduced a machine learning framework called CoreML. CoreML empowers iOS application developers to build an app with a few lines of code. CoreML, makes it possible to integrate trained machine learning models into the iPhone app. Also, it helps in making the iPhone apps, more feature-rich. Memory footprint and power consumption can be minimized using the CoreML which is optimized for on-device performance. The best part of using it in iOS app development is to upgrade security.

Augmented Reality Apps

AR has been in presence for quite a while, and we have seen a dedicated effort investment by organizations. A host of cool AR apps is currently exciting the visual senses of iPhone lovers with the introduction of iOS 11 and its version. Apple made ARkit that helps developers in developing apps based on augmented reality. Amazon also announced the Sumerian App platform, which supports Apple ARkit. It allows iOS app developers to build AR, VR, and 3D apps perfectly with the iPhone and iPad. We can expect endless opportunities for mobile application developers to tap during 2018.

Swift and its implementations

Swift 4 is a programming language introduced by Apple recently, will support both, the iOS and Linux operating system. Swift is highly popular among the iOS community due to its versatility and robustness. It is more reliable for iOS developers to use Swift 4 for app development as the apps are speedier and consume less memory on your device. Therefore, we can expect that the iOS applications to be more secure and developed in a faster timeframe.

Wearable Technology

This trend has already started and it is only expected that it will become significantly greater by the end of 2020. There are as of now some stunning wearable devices, including Apple Watch series 2 and Google Daydream. In the years to come, wearable devices will quit being limited to industries, for example, health care as they are relied upon to be utilized all over, to direct different mobile app development trends that are yet to come.

Apple Homekit- Apple’s Venture into homeware

This is just an amazing creation by Apple Inc. for the future. HomeKit is a framework designed for home automation. This platform is a friendly and functional option for anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad and needs to make a DIY smart-home system. This is one application for all home accessories. You can turn on the lights or AC from your iPhone. This bleeding edge technology allows iOS developers to create such applications that can associate with Apple Homekit to manage all your home appliances.

These Technologies will fuel the profitability of an iOS app development company which depends on the specialized skill of its iOS developer’s team.

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Augmented Reality

Most of the business is transforming into digital and customers are also becoming digital customers. Every person is engaging in digital activities, these transformations help business persons to drive their business to the next level. Using social media and mobile apps customers can access the products/services which they want and get more information about the same. Most of the customers are using mobile apps for shopping so every retail industry should develop their own app with the help of mobile app development companies.

Augmented technology is gaining a lot of attention in every sector. Now the AR technology has a high market because it has many applications in every industry to expand their business and to get more profit. With the advanced AR technology, retails can give a unique experience to their customers and helps to enhance their brand.

In which areas Augmented Reality enhancing customer experience are given below:

Apparel Stores

Using mobile app retailers are making the customer experience reality along with the smartphones. These apparel store owners create an Augmented Reality experience with the promotional postcards and with window display in stores, for this shopper need to open the application and scan, then the app will automatically fetch all the details about the product like a color variant, pricing of that product and customer reviews and feedback about the product.

In-store mirror

Retailers can install Augmented Reality embedded mirrors in their shop to display the available products for the customer just by sitting in front of the mirror. The mirror uses AR technology to display the products as a customer wearing that product by scanning the image of the customer. This is another way of implementing AR technology in the retail industry.

Virtual Fitting Rooms

AR mirrors are also used as a virtual fitting room, these mirrors create the virtual fitting room where customers can try a number of products without physically wearing and customers can easily select the products without any confusion about their look as well as without wasting time for trialing.

Products View

Home appliances products store uses this AR technology very well because no one uses to purchase a product by going to shop rather they can experience the look of a product how it is suited to their homes. Therefore Augmented Reality has effectively brought in the field of home appliances, especially in the furniture industry.

Cosmetics industry

AR technologies are effectively used in the cosmetic industry. In this shoppers can upload their image and can virtually put makeup on it and choose the best one which suits them. It shows their makeup as real-life experience and allows users to use various products to create their best looks with trying of different cosmetic products.

Some retail uses this AR technology to attract kids like using in a toy store by creating digital playground through an app and used in a kid drawing book so that children would color on paper, and that paper drawing will look like real. This makes some unique user experience feature of AR technology.

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Android app development

Custom Android App Development

If you are a business owner and really need to contend in the market, you should consider developing smart applications on various platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone. Each platform of these has its very own standers and conditions; it needs experts who give particular mobile apps development. Your app should be easy to use and navigate, quickly responsive, and clear. This will enable you to build a good reputation and acquire clients.

With the of rising new technologies, Custom App Development turns into the main decision for both start-ups and experienced enterprises. The thing is, there are specific app types that can’t be fabricated for everyone. The developers work on custom Android app development to make the magnificent piece of apps that stand separate from a huge number of applications in the market.

Android is an open source platform by Google that reach relatively 88% of the global market share. Subsequently, you are looking at extensive audience base for your application, Android app development can work for you. Custom Android app development can generally offer a superior app solution than a standard one since it is appropriately lined up with your necessities and goals.

Lower costs but high ROI

There is no concealed cost associated with Custom Android app development. You need to pay just for the specific features you require in your application, fairly any off-the-shelf products that are stacked with excess functions and extravagantly priced.

In Android application development, the Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided free of cost to the developers.  This can offer your business with double advantages:

*There will be no cost required for authorizing and royalty

*The application development process would be a lot quicker and better

With no broad expense for android app development, you can seek to gain huge.

It is anything but difficult to get the most current OS renditions from the network of Android designers.

App Security

iOS has always been the most favored platform for offering upgraded security for business applications. Fortunately, things are changing truly quick and have begun gazing upwards.

Google is following Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) as a defensive boundary against virus attacks and hacking. This tech monster gas also is chosen to send push notifications to users to remind them to continue changing their mobile settings. When the password is regularly modified, the information security is automatically improved.

This is certain to build the integrity of your security design, giving you a chance to appreciate the app potential with no worries.

You win a more extensive audience when expanding on Android

As we have mentioned at the beginning, Android has to dominate market share with 88% in the 2nd quarter of 2018 according to Statista. So, it is not a surprise that most organizations would incline towards putting resources into an Android application development.

Such an amazing market share implies that your custom application will show up on major devices utilized by people from many economic groups. Also, Android is better known in Asia which is as of now a massive region for any business.

FuGenX Technologies as a top Android app development company Dubai, we have developed many Android apps for various sized companies of numerous types industries including Banking apps, e-commerce apps, education apps, business apps, and mobile games. We have a great experienced team of mobile app developers who have specialized in a high level of creativity.