Every time I start to write content on artificial intelligence (I have written more than 100+ articles on AI till date and that are published on leading tech portals and company blogs), the first sentence comes to my mind is “AI has begun to revolutionize the business world”. Yes, it is undeniably right. AI has […]

In the present scenario, there are a couple of operating system platforms, among those Android and iOS is the most popular operating systems. And these are ruling the mobile app development world. In this competitive tech world, there can only be one winner, and we believe it’s Android. So if you are going to develop […]

Irrespective of how big your investment has been, getting a solid brand image doesn’t happen in an instant. Although in case of big investments, brand building is relatively easy as the enterprise can spend a fortune on traditional marketing companies and basically, paint the whole city with ads and hoarding. So, for them earning recognition […]

Knowing customers are more important than knowing themselves for all business persons, that means understanding your target audience’s needs, desires, preferences, and their behavioral patterns are basic to offer a user experience that changes into conversions, and ultimately, loyalty. Collecting customer data, then understanding and analyzing it is the main challenge for many digital marketing […]

App Characteristics

Mobile apps are playing a vital role in our lives and making our lives so easy that we never dreamt of it even. We never thought we would carry emails in our pockets, or hold a world map in our hands, or make cashless payments in seconds; we could go on forever. As of now, […]

Virtual reality is the most impressive type of reality technology and can convince our brain that it is somewhere really not. It truly makes it possible to experience anything, anywhere and at any time. VR is the trending technology, now it is entering into the entertainment zone. If you have an iPhone/Android smartphone and VR […]

Artificial intelligence saw a big stride in 2017. Got it how? In the form of digital personal assistants, business process automation and chatbots. Now we are at the almost end of 2018. This year has already seen many wonderful AI innovations. As a result, it set the fire as the most talked technology topic of […]

Now, security is being stronger than ever before, because biometric fingerprint is replacing the smart cards. The biometric payment card is a credit or debit card that uses the account holder’s fingerprint to verify the transaction made by that person. Biometric cards provide more security than traditional cards through its special features. Various user’s data […]

Big businesses make big profits, but then that comes at a cost. On the outside, an established enterprise may look self-sustained but in reality, most of the successful businesses are bound together with a tool that brings different departments and components of a business, together, and integrates them to facilitate maximum efficiency. Yes, we are […]

We always keep hearing that robots or machines will replace human, and our workplaces will change dramatically. The fundamental truth is that it will, and we have an opportunity to start planning for that, but, like anything else, it’s unclear exactly when the tipping point will be. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most trending […]

In the present scenario, mobile app development is one of the tremendously growing technologies. For so many years business uses mobile apps as a key success factor. Various industries use this for improving their brand awareness, increasing sales and services and building relationship with clients. Business persons always face some difficulties, whether to outsourcing the […]

Every business organization, whether it is small or big, needs valuable data insights. With regards to understanding your target audience and customers’ preferences, Big Data plays a very important role. It even causes you to foresee their necessities. The correct data should be viably presented and appropriately analyzed. It can help a business organization accomplish […]