Everyone loves to travel with friends and families on holidays. It is one of life’s great joy, but the main headache is getting comfortable traveling services because you are going to unfamiliar surroundings. Now travel apps are reducing these headaches from booking a ticket to getting all services like health care, shopping, restaurant and more. […]

AI solutions

Technology in the present day has empowered humans to get things done and achieve significantly more than one could think about a couple of years back. Personal lives have turned out to be more advanced due to quickly develop innovative technologies.  Significant coordinated efforts between a human and machine/technology have from various perspectives gave an […]

The fast development of technology trends has become a large spectrum of human activity, therefore these trends have occupied human minds so fast. Rapid change in technology may also show its long-term effect on human psychology by controlling on human behavior. Every single day the new update will come, these updates should take it in […]

healthcare apps

After having a smartphone in our hands, mobile apps are not only an entertainment for all of us but they are taking care of us too. From the calories count to heartbeat count healthcare apps are giving you a complete report on your health. They are helping, they are guiding, and they are taking care […]

Mobile apps are developed based on business and technology. Business owners and marketers from different fields understand the importance of mobile application for their business strategy. Development in mobile technology has given additional value to mobile services. After knowing the benefits of app development, many enterprises are taking a step ahead to develop their own […]

Technologies for mobile app strategy

Smartphone Manufacturing is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Currently, there are 2.6 billion smartphone users, and the number is expected to increase to 6.1 billion by 2020. Global downloads across all mobile app stores are determined to increment 19% every year. As the app economy keeps on increasing exponentially, the […]

iPhones are always up-to-date with the latest technology & innovation, and something which is fancier and sometimes beyond our imagination from the user experience point of view. Every time new model of iPhone comes up with the latest iPhone apps and its innovative features, the world is back to being in the awe of Apple. […]

Blockchain technology

Dubai always welcomes new innovations and it has accomplished the goal of becoming a first Blockchain built up the city for every single financial transaction within the year 2020. The government of Dubai utilizes the technology of Blockchain to perform speedy and secure transactions for organizations and set for wellbeing issues. Blockchain turns out to […]

mobile app development

The conceptual vision of mobile app development has changed in 2017 and 2018. Earlier companies consider putting resources into mobile apps as something optional and extra, but now it has turned out to be one of the base points for a legitimate investment of money. Such changes are related to popularity for applications. We have […]

Every year new technologies will come in every field and these technologies should be adopted by respective sectors, but adopting new technologies will be somewhat difficult and it takes time. Not a single industry possible to escape from these new changes because people and all world are moving front with the technology. If you wish […]


We have been saying that 2017 was an extraordinary year for new business in MENA. Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the UAE economy. They contribute around 60% of the GDP and 86% of employment. The UAE wants to grow the share of GDP contributed by 70% in the next few years. […]

Artificial Intelligence has the power to change our society effectively. Next coming years this technology likely to do many works which currently done by humans. Artificial Intelligence not only does one work, but it will also do difficult jobs like customer service representative, journalist, chef, driver, team leader and more. It looks like Artificial Intelligence […]