After launching Google pay, UAE consumers are getting confused to choose the right digital wallet for their smartphone because there are wide varieties of digital wallets available. Are you one of them, then go through this article to get clear on choosing of the digital wallet. First, we have to know, what is a […]

American tech giant Google has launched its Google Pay payment service in the UAE with the development of this app by the best app development companies. The Google pay app is available for iOS and Android 5.0 or higher to make their payment easier with Google security. This service is acting as a smartphone wallet […]

EIBFS is a regional leader in banking and finance, education and training. The full form of EIBFS is Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies and is announcing its new annual training plan for 2019 with the updating smart technologies and adopting new digital transformation strategies using mobile apps developed be the best mobile app […]

Are you using public Wi-Fi? If your answer is “No” you will be safe. If you do use the public WiFi your data in the phone or laptop is in an insecure position. The public WiFi may contain some harmful element which will keep the secure data of the user at risk. The WiFi which […]

According to Smart Insights report app usability is increased by 90% of the time than using browsers in smartphones and more than 80% of mobile minutes in all markets being spent on apps. Now all are wanting real-time information and that should available in fingertips without spending more time, because of this reason, almost all […]

Mobile apps

Digital revolution affected businesses by means of Smartphone applications than some other sources. In particular, these apps have completely changed the way in which customers interact with businesses and brands. Mobile applications can enable you to make things more proficient, which will eventually spare your money and time in the long run. Developing an app […]

There is no need to give more explanation about the growth of the Internet of Things at an exponential rate. All software networks are advancing their basic functions and going to update every day. This updating IoT trends are not only changing business operations, but also the effect on the way people live. IoT technology […]

  Technology is changing with time, and we need to stay aware of its pace. The mobile app development scenario is evolving quickly. Consistently, every year new developments and changes happening and mobile app development companies investigate every possibility to coordinate the growing competition. The iPhone app development scenario is growing significantly every day with […]

Most of the business is transforming into digital and customers are also becoming digital customers. Every person is engaging in digital activities, these transformations help business persons to drive their business to the next level. Using social media and mobile apps customers can access the products/services which they want and get more information about the […]

Android app development

If you are a business owner and really need to contend in the market, you should consider developing smart applications on various platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone. Each platform of these has its very own standers and conditions; it needs experts who give particular mobile apps development. Your app should be […]

  The next generation of a wireless cellular network that ready to enter into the market is 5G. According to the study, 5G technology is expected to use by every person by 2020. Yes, it seems to be a long wait, but still, this waiting will not definitely disappoint you. This 5G technology provides a […]

Uber, the king of Taxi-Hailing services was supposed to control over the world. Uber Technologies Inc. is aiming to unite its international operations ahead of an initial public offering, with the ride-hailing giant said to be in converse with Middle Eastern startup Careem Networks FZ. After storming into Russia and China five years ago, Uber […]